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verb (used with object), superimposed, superimposing.
to impose, place, or set over, above, or on something else.
to put or join as an addition (usually followed by on or upon).
Movies, Television. to print (an image) over another image so that both are seen at once:
The credits were superimposed over the opening scene.
verb (transitive)
to set or place on or over something else
usually foll by on or upon. to add (to)


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  • Superincumbent

    [soo-per-in-kuhm-buh nt] /ˌsu pər ɪnˈkʌm bənt/ adjective 1. lying or resting on something else. 2. situated above; overhanging. 3. exerted from above, as pressure. superincumbent /ˌsuːpərɪnˈkʌmbənt/ adjective 1. lying or being on top of something else 2. situated or suspended above; overhanging

  • Superinduce

    verb (used with object), superinduced, superinducing. 1. to bring in or induce as an added feature, circumstance, etc.; superimpose. verb 1. (transitive) to introduce as an additional feature, factor, etc superinduce su·per·in·duce (sōō’pər-ĭn-dōōs’, -dyōōs’) v. su·per·in·duced, su·per·in·duc·ing, su·per·in·duc·es To introduce as an addition to something already existing.

  • Superinfect

    superinfect su·per·in·fect (sōō’pər-ĭn-fěkt’) v. su·per·in·fect·ed, su·per·in·fect·ing, su·per·in·fects To cause to be further infected with a microorganism; infect a second time or more.

  • Superinfection

    [soo-per-in-fek-shuh n] /ˈsu pər ɪnˌfɛk ʃən/ noun, Pathology. 1. marked proliferation of a parasitic microorganism during antimicrobial treatment for another infection. superinfection su·per·in·fec·tion (sōō’pər-ĭn-fěk’shən) n. The act or process of superinfecting a cell or an organism. An infection following a previous infection, especially when caused by microorganisms that have become resistant to the antibiotics used […]

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