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Superior mesenteric lymph node

superior mesenteric lymph node n.
Any of numerous nodes located in the mesentery along the superior mesenteric artery and its branches to the jejunum and the ileum, from which they receive lymph.


Read Also:

  • Superior mesenteric plexus

    superior mesenteric plexus n. An autonomic plexus that is a continuation or part of the celiac plexus, sends nerves to the intestines, and with the vagus forms the subserous, myenteric, and submucous plexuses.

  • Superior mesenteric vein

    superior mesenteric vein n. A vein that begins at the ileum in the right iliac fossa, ascends in the root of the mesentery, and unites behind the pancreas with the splenic vein to form the portal vein.

  • Superior oblique muscle

    superior oblique muscle n. A muscle with origin above the medial margin of the optic canal, with insertion by a tendon passing through the trochlea to the sclera between the superior rectus and lateral rectus muscles, with nerve supply from the trochlear nerve, and whose action directs the pupil of the eye downward and outward.

  • Superior oblique muscle of head

    superior oblique muscle of head n. A muscle with origin from the transverse process of the atlas, with insertion into the lateral third of the inferior nuchal line, with nerve supply from the suboccipital nerve, and whose action rotates the head.

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