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Superior sagittal sinus

superior sagittal sinus n.
An unpaired dural sinus in the sagittal groove.


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  • Superior rectus muscle

    superior rectus muscle n. A muscle with origin from the superior part of the common tendinous ring, with insertion into the superior part of the sclera of the eye, with nerve supply from the oculomotor nerve, and whose action directs the pupil upward and medialward.

  • Superior rectal vein

    superior rectal vein n. A vein that drains the greater part of the rectal venous plexus and ascends between layers of the mesorectum to the brim of the pelvis to become the inferior mesenteric vein.

  • Superrace

    noun 1. a race, class, or people considered superior to others.

  • Super-rational

    [soo-per-rash-uh-nl] /ˌsu pərˈræʃ ə nl/ adjective 1. beyond the scope or range of reason; intuitional. 2. extremely rational.

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