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the quality or condition of being superior.


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  • Superiority-complex

    noun 1. an exaggerated feeling of one’s own superiority. superiority complex noun 1. (informal) an inflated estimate of one’s own merit, usually manifested in arrogance superiority complex su·pe·ri·or·i·ty complex (sōō-pēr’ē-ôr’ĭ-tē) n. An exaggerated feeling of being superior to others. A psychological defense mechanism in which a person’s feelings of superiority counter or conceal his or […]

  • Superior laryngeal nerve

    superior laryngeal nerve n. A branch of the vagus nerve at the inferior ganglion. At the thyroid cartilage, it divides into two branches, the internal, which supplies the mucous membrane of the larynx above the vocal cords; and the external, which supplies the inferior pharyngeal constrictor and the cricothyroid muscles.

  • Superior laryngeal vein

    superior laryngeal vein n. A vein that accompanies the superior laryngeal artery and empties into the superior thyroid vein.

  • Superior limb

    superior limb n. See upper extremity.

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