noun (modifier)
having or relating to the very highest levels of security: a supermax jail
noun, adjective

See super-max

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  • Super-max

    noun, adjective a maximum security prison for the most dangerous criminals; also written supermax Examples Super-max prisons have extreme and elaborate security. Word Origin 1980

  • Supermaxilla

    [soo-per-mak-sil-uh] /ˌsu pər mækˈsɪl ə/ noun, plural supermaxillae [soo-per-mak-sil-ee] /ˌsu pər mækˈsɪl i/ (Show IPA) 1. the upper jaw.

  • Supermembrane

    /ˌsuːpəˈmɛmbreɪn/ noun 1. (physics) a type of two-dimensional entity postulated in certain theories of elementary particles that involve supersymmetry

  • Supermicro

    noun, plural supermicros. Computers. 1. the fastest and most powerful type of microcomputer, with capabilities more commonly associated with minicomputers.

  • Super-middleweight

    noun 1. a boxer weighing up to 168 pounds (75.6 kg), between middleweight and light heavyweight.

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