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[soo-per-sach-uh-reyt] /ˌsu pərˈsætʃ əˌreɪt/
verb (used with object), supersaturated, supersaturating.
to increase the concentration of (a solution) beyond saturation; saturate abnormally.
(of a solution) containing more solute than a saturated solution and therefore not in equilibrium
(of a vapour) containing more material than a saturated vapour and therefore not in equilibrium

supersaturate su·per·sat·u·rate (sōō’pər-sāch’ə-rāt’)
v. su·per·sat·u·rat·ed, su·per·sat·u·rat·ing, su·per·sat·u·rates
To cause a chemical solution to be more highly concentrated than is normally possible under certain conditions of temperature and pressure.
su’per·sat’u·ra’tion n.


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