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(Deut. 1:1, R.V.; marg., “some ancient versions have the Red Sea,” as in the A.V.). Some identify it with Suphah (Num. 21:14, marg., A.V.) as probably the name of a place. Others identify it with es-Sufah = Maaleh-acrabbim (Josh. 15:3), and others again with Zuph (1 Sam. 9:5). It is most probable, however, that, in accordance with the ancient versions, this word is to be regarded as simply an abbreviation of Yam-suph, i.e., the “Red Sea.”


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  • Suphah

    (Num. 21:14, marg.; also R.V.), a place at the south-eastern corner of the Dead Sea, the Ghor es-Safieh. This name is found in an ode quoted from the “Book of the Wars of the Lord,” probably a collection of odes commemorating the triumphs of God’s people (comp. 21:14, 17, 18, 27-30).

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    noun a trademark foran extra-long staple cotton fiber grown from controlled seed, which makes soft durable fabric Examples I own a coat made of supima.

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    verb (used with object), supinated, supinating. 1. to turn to a supine position; rotate (the hand or foot) so that the palm or sole is upward. verb (used without object), supinated, supinating. 2. to become supinated. verb 1. to turn (the hand and forearm) so that the palm faces up or forwards supinate su·pi·nate (sōō’pə-nāt’) […]

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    noun 1. rotation of the hand or forearm so that the palmar surface is facing upward (opposed to pronation). 2. a comparable motion of the foot, consisting of adduction followed by inversion. 3. the position assumed as the result of this rotation.

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