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  • Suppawn

    noun, Hudson Valley. 1. cornmeal mush.

  • Suppe

    noun 1. Franz von [frahnts fuh n] /frɑnts fən/ (Show IPA), 1819–95, Austrian composer.

  • Suppedaneum

    noun, plural suppedanea [suhp-i-dey-nee-uh] /ˌsʌp ɪˈdeɪ ni ə/ (Show IPA) 1. a shelf affixed to a cross for supporting the feet of the crucified.

  • Supper

    noun 1. the evening meal, often the principal meal of the day. 2. any light evening meal, especially one taken late in the evening: an after-the-theater supper. adjective 3. of or relating to supper: the supper dishes. 4. for, during, or including supper: a supper party. noun 1. an evening meal, esp a light one […]

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