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supplying a deficiency.
(archaic) remedying deficiencies; supplementary


Read Also:

  • Supplex

    noun 1. trademark a type of synthetic fabric which is breathable, stretchable, and fast-drying, used esp for sportswear

  • Suppliance

    noun 1. the act, method, or process of supplying. noun 1. appeal; entreaty; plea; supplication: He knelt in an attitude of suppliance.

  • Suppliancy

    noun, plural suppliancies. 1. suppliance2 .

  • Suppliant

    noun 1. a person who supplicates; petitioner. adjective 2. supplicating. 3. expressive of supplication, as words, actions, etc. adjective 1. expressing entreaty or supplication noun, adjective 2. another word for supplicant

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