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giving support.
providing sympathy or encouragement:
His family was supportive of his attempts to be a writer.
providing additional help, information, etc.; auxiliary:
manufacturers of supportive materials.
Medicine/Medical. helping to maintain a normal physiological balance, as by the intravenous administration of required nutriment.
providing support, esp moral or emotional support


Read Also:

  • Supportive-psychotherapy

    noun 1. a type of psychotherapy that seeks to reduce psychological conflict and strengthen a patient’s defenses through the use of various techniques, as reassurance, suggestion, counseling, and reeducation.

  • Support-level

    noun, Stock Exchange. 1. a minimum price below which a specific stock is not supposed to fall, as because of the stock’s inherent worth.

  • Support-mission

    noun 1. assistance given by one military unit to another to assist in the accomplishment of the supported unit’s mission.

  • Support-price

    noun 1. the price at which the government will purchase commodities, especially farm produce, in order to maintain a certain price level.

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