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verb (used without object), suppurated, suppurating.
to produce or discharge pus, as a wound; maturate.
(intransitive) (pathol) (of a wound, sore, etc) to discharge pus; fester

suppurate sup·pu·rate (sŭp’yə-rāt’)
v. sup·pu·rat·ed, sup·pu·rat·ing, sup·pu·rates
To form or discharge pus.


Read Also:

  • Suppuration

    noun 1. the process of suppurating. 2. the matter produced by suppuration; pus. noun 1. the discharging of pus from a wound, sore, etc 2. the discharge itself suppuration sup·pu·ra·tion (sŭp’yə-rā’shən) n. The formation or discharge of pus. Also called pyesis, pyopoiesis, pyosis. sup’pu·ra’tive adj.

  • Suppurative

    adjective 1. suppurating; characterized by suppuration. 2. promoting suppuration. noun 3. a medicine or application that promotes suppuration. adjective 1. causing suppuration noun 2. any suppurative drug

  • Suppurative arthritis

    suppurative arthritis n. Acute inflammation of the synovial membranes accompanied by purulent effusion into a joint and caused by bacterial infection. Also called purulent synovitis, pyarthrosis.

  • Suppurative gingivitis

    suppurative gingivitis n. Gingivitis in which the gums exude pus.

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