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supracostal su·pra·cos·tal (sōō’prə-kŏs’təl)
Located above the ribs.


Read Also:

  • Supracristal

    supracristal su·pra·cris·tal (sōō’prə-krĭs’təl) adj. Above a crest.

  • Supraduction

    supraduction su·pra·duc·tion (sōō’prə-dŭk’shən) n. The moving upward of one eye independently of the other. Also called sursumduction.

  • Supraepicondylar process

    supraepicondylar process su·pra·ep·i·con·dy·lar process (sōō’prə-ěp’ĭ-kŏn’dl-ər) n. An inconstant spine projecting from the anteromedial surface of the humerus above the medial epicondyle to which it is joined by a fibrous band, forming the supracondylar foramen that transmits the brachial artery and median nerve.

  • Supragenic

    adjective 1. beyond the limits or above the level of genes.

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