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of or relating to the upper jaw

supramaxillary su·pra·max·il·lar·y (sōō’prə-māk’sə-lěr’ē)

Of or relating to the upper jaw.

Located above the upper jaw.


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  • Suprameatal triangle

    suprameatal triangle su·pra·me·a·tal triangle (sōō’prə-mē-āt’l) n. A triangle formed by the root of the zygomatic arch, the posterior wall of the bony external acoustic meatus, and a line connecting the extremities of the first two. It is used as a guide in mastoid operations. Also called Macewen’s triangle.

  • Supramentale

    supramentale su·pra·men·ta·le (sōō’prə-měn-tā’lē) n. The most posterior midline point, above the chin and on the mandible between the infradentale and the pogonion. Also called point B.

  • Supramolecular

    [soo-pruh-muh-lek-yuh-ler] /ˌsu prə məˈlɛk yə lər/ adjective 1. having an organization more complex than that of a molecule. 2. composed of an aggregate of molecules. supramolecular /ˌsuːprəməˈlɛkjʊlə; ˌsjuː-/ adjective 1. more complex than a molecule 2. consisting of more than one molecule

  • Supranational

    [soo-pruh-nash-uh-nl] /ˌsu prəˈnæʃ ə nl/ adjective 1. outside or beyond the authority of one national government, as a project or policy that is planned and controlled by a group of nations. supranational /ˌsuːprəˈnæʃnəl; ˌsjuː-/ adjective 1. beyond the authority or jurisdiction of one national government: the supranational institutions of the EU

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