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supranuclear su·pra·nu·cle·ar (sōō’prə-nōō’klē-ər, -nyōō’-)

Located above the level of the motor neurons of the spinal or cranial nerves. Used to indicate disorders of movement caused by destruction or functional impairment of brain structures, such as the motor cortex, pyramidal tract, or corpus striatum.

Of or relating to the part of a cell between the nucleus and the distal border.


Read Also:

  • Supranuclear paralysis

    supranuclear paralysis n. Paralysis that is due to lesions above the primary motor neurons.

  • Supraocclusion

    supraocclusion su·pra·oc·clu·sion (sōō’prə-ə-klōō’zhən) n. A condition in which a tooth extends beyond the occlusal plane.

  • Supraoptic commissure

    supraoptic commissure su·pra·op·tic commissure (sōō’prə-ŏp’tĭk) n. Any of the the commissural fibers that lie above and behind the optic chiasm.

  • Supraoptic nucleus of hypothalamus

    supraoptic nucleus of hypothalamus n. A large-celled, neurosecretory nucleus in the hypothalamus, located over the lateral border of the optic tract, whose neurons produce vasopressin that is released into the general circulation from the axon terminals in the supraopticohypophysial tract.

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