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Supraorbital nerve

supraorbital nerve n.
A branch of the frontal nerve, that itself branches to the forehead, scalp, upper eyelid, and frontal sinus.


Read Also:

  • Supraorbital-ridge

    noun, Anatomy. 1. browridge. supraorbital ridge n. The curved upper border of the entrance to the eye socket. Also called supraorbital arch.

  • Supraorbital vein

    supraorbital vein n. A vein that drains the front of the scalp and unites with the supratrochlear vein to form the angular vein.

  • Supraorbitomeatal plane

    supraorbitomeatal plane su·pra·or·bi·to·me·a·tal plane (sōō’prə-ôr’bĭ-tō-mē-āt’l) n. A plane that passes the superior orbital margins as well as the superior margins of the external acoustic meatuses.

  • Suprapatellar bursa

    suprapatellar bursa su·pra·pa·tel·lar bursa (sōō’prə-pə-těl’ər) n. A large bursa between the lower part of the thigh and the tendon of the quadriceps muscle, usually communicating with the cavity of the knee joint.

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