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a variant spelling of souk1


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  • Suqs

    noun 1. suk. noun 1. a variant spelling of souk1

  • Suquamish

    noun, plural Suquamishes (especially collectively) Suquamish. 1. a member of a Salishan-speaking North American Indian people of Washington, near Puget Sound.

  • Suqutra

    noun 1. a variant spelling of Socotra

  • Sur

    preposition, Law. 1. upon; on the basis of: sur mortgage. noun 1. a town in S Lebanon, on the Mediterranean Sea: site of ancient port of Tyre. 1. a prefix meaning “over, above,” “in addition,” occurring mainly in loanwords from French and partial calques of French words: surcharge; surname; surrender; survive. 1. variant of sub- […]

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