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[surf-bawr-ding, -bohr-] /ˈsɜrfˌbɔr dɪŋ, -ˌboʊr-/
a sport in which a person stands or lies prone on a surfboard and rides the crest of a breaking wave toward the shore; surfing.
a long, narrow board on which a person stands or lies prone in surfboarding.
verb (used without object)
to ride a surfboard.
a long narrow board used in surfing


Read Also:

  • Surfboat

    noun 1. a boat with a high bow and stern and flotation chambers, equipped for use in rough surf

  • Surf-boat

    noun 1. a strong, buoyant rowboat with high ends, adapted for beaching and passing through surf.

  • Surfcasting

    noun 1. fishing from the shore by casting into the surf

  • Surf-casting

    noun, Angling. 1. the act, technique, or sport of fishing by casting from the shoreline into the sea, usually using heavy-duty tackle.

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