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something that remains above what is used or needed.
an amount, quantity, etc., greater than needed.
agricultural produce or a quantity of food grown by a nation or area in excess of its needs, especially such a quantity of food purchased and stored by a governmental program of guaranteeing farmers a specific price for certain crops.

the excess of assets over liabilities accumulated throughout the existence of a business, excepting assets against which stock certificates have been issued; excess of net worth over capital-stock value.
an amount of assets in excess of what is requisite to meet liabilities.

being a surplus; being in excess of what is required:
surplus wheat.
verb (used with object), surplussed or surplused, surplussing or surplusing.
to treat as surplus; sell off; retire:
The government surplussed some of its desert lands.
noun (pl) -pluses
a quantity or amount in excess of what is required

an excess of total assets over total liabilities
an excess of actual net assets over the nominal value of capital stock
an excess of revenues over expenditures during a certain period of time


an excess of government revenues over expenditures during a certain financial year
an excess of receipts over payments on the balance of payments

being in excess; extra

surplus definition

An unsold quantity of a good resulting from a lack of equilibrium in a market. For example, if a price is artificially high, sellers will bring more goods to the market than buyers will be willing to buy. (Compare shortage.)


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