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Suspensory ligament of axilla

suspensory ligament of axilla n.
A downward extension of the clavipectoral fascia that attaches to the axillary fascia, forming the armpit hollow.


Read Also:

  • Suspensory ligament of breast

    suspensory ligament of breast n. Any of the numerous, well-developed fibrous bands of the skin that extend from the overlying skin to the fibrous stroma of the mammary gland.

  • Suspensory ligament of eyeball

    suspensory ligament of eyeball n. A thickening of the inferior part of the bulbar sheath that supports the eye within its orbit.

  • Suspensory ligament of lens

    suspensory ligament of lens n. See ciliary zonule.

  • Suspensory ligament of ovary

    suspensory ligament of ovary n. A band of peritoneum that extends upward from the upper pole of the ovary and contains the ovarian vessels and the ovarian plexus of nerves.

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