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Aleksandr Vasilevich
[uh-lyi-ksahn-dr vuh-syee-lyi-vyich] /ʌ lyɪˈksɑn dr vʌˈsyi lyɪ vyɪtʃ/ (Show IPA), (Count Suvorov Rumnikski, Prince Itliski) 1729–1800, Russian field marshal.
Historical Examples

In those days, in 1801, Suvorov was our great national hero.
Knock, Knock, Knock and Other Stories Ivan Turgenev

Suvorov, immediately on arrival, late in the afternoon, made preparations for attacking the Ottoman army.
The Turkish Empire, its Growth and Decay Lord Eversley

Suvorov admitted to a friend that he was moved to tears when the scene was over.
The Turkish Empire, its Growth and Decay Lord Eversley

Six days after his arrival before the fortress, Suvorov ordered his troops to assault it.
The Turkish Empire, its Growth and Decay Lord Eversley

Now here is a Lombard bond and a letter; it is a premium for the man who writes a history of Suvorov’s wars.
War and Peace Leo Tolstoy

A scene of savage carnage ensued, unprecedented even in the experience of Suvorov.
The Turkish Empire, its Growth and Decay Lord Eversley

Suvorov couldn’t manage them so what chance has Michael Kutuzov?
War and Peace Leo Tolstoy

He served with Suvorov, and was always telling stories about the crossing of the Alps—inventions probably.’
Fathers and Children Ivan Sergeevich Turgenev

No, we mustn’t forget Suvorov and his rule—not to put yourself in a position to be attacked, but yourself to attack.
War and Peace Leo Tolstoy

Hassan was not equal to the task of confronting such a general as Suvorov.
The Turkish Empire, its Growth and Decay Lord Eversley

Aleksandr Vasilyevich (alɪkˈsandr vaˈsiljɪvitʃ). 1729–1800, Russian field marshal, who fought successfully against the Turks (1787–91), the Poles (1794), and the French in Italy (1798–99)


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