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Swallow-tailed coat

tail coat.
swallow-tailed coat
another name for tail coat


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  • Swallow-tailed kite

    noun 1. an American kite, Elanoides forficatus, having black upper parts, white head and underparts, and a long, deeply forked tail.

  • Swallow-tanager

    [swol-oh-tan-uh-jer] /ˈswɒl oʊˈtæn ə dʒər/ noun 1. a tropical American bird, Tersina viridis, related to the true tanagers but with longer, swallowlike wings.

  • Swallow the dictionary

    swallow something

  • Swallowwort

    noun 1. celandine (def 1). 2. any of several plants of the milkweed family, especially a climbing vine, Cynanchum nigrum (black swallowwort) native to Europe, having small, brownish flowers. noun 1. any of several Eurasian vines of the genus Cynanchum, esp C. nigrum, having small brownish-purple flowers: family Asclepiadaceae 2. a related European herbaceous plant, […]

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