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the down or under plumage of a swan, used for trimming, powder puffs, etc.
a fine, soft, thick woolen cloth.
a sturdy cotton flannel with a thickly napped face.


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  • Swansea

    noun 1. a seaport in West Glamorgan, in S Wales. 2. a city in SE Massachusetts. noun 1. a port in S Wales, in Swansea county on an inlet of the Bristol Channel (Swansea Bay); a metallurgical and oil-refining centre; university (1920). Pop: 169 880 (2001) 2. a county of S Wales on the Bristol […]

  • Swanskin

    noun 1. the skin of a swan, with the feathers on. 2. a closely woven twill-weave flannel for work clothes. noun 1. the skin of a swan with the feathers attached 2. a fine twill-weave flannel fabric

  • Swanson

    noun 1. Gloria (Gloria Josephine May Swenson) 1899–1983, U.S. film actress.

  • Swan-song

    noun 1. the last act or manifestation of someone or something; farewell appearance: This building turned out to be the swan song of Victorian architecture. noun 1. the last act, appearance, publication, or utterance of a person before retirement or death 2. the song that a dying swan is said to sing A final accomplishment […]

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