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Swear at

Curse, use abusive, violent, or blasphemous language against, as in He has a way of swearing at all the other drivers on the road. [ Late 1600s ]


Read Also:

  • Swearing-in

    noun 1. an official ceremony where a person takes an oath of office, allegiance, etc.

  • Swear like a trooper

    swear like a trooper swear like a trooper Freely utter profanity or obscenity, as in The teacher was shocked when she heard one of the fathers begin to swear like a trooper. The troopers in this term were the cavalry, who were singled out for their swearing from the early 1700s on.

  • Swear on a stack of bibles

    swear like a trooper swear on a stack of Bibles Promise solemnly that what one is about to say is true, as in I swear on a stack of Bibles that I had nothing to do with his dropping out. This term alludes to the practice of placing one’s hand on a sacred object while […]

  • Swear to

    see: swear by , def. 2.

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