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plural noun
socks made of thick, absorbent cotton, wool, or other material and worn during exercise, sports, leisure activity, etc.


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  • Sweat something out

    sweat hog

  • Sweat-suit

    noun 1. a set of garments consisting of sweatpants and a sweatshirt. noun 1. a suit worn by athletes for training comprising knitted cotton trousers fitting closely at the ankle and a light cotton sweater

  • Sweatweed

    noun 1. marsh mallow.

  • Sweaty

    adjective, sweatier, sweatiest. 1. covered, moist, or stained with sweat. 2. causing sweat. 3. laborious. adjective sweatier, sweatiest 1. covered with sweat; sweating 2. smelling of or like sweat 3. causing sweat

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