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a knitted jacket or jersey, in pullover or cardigan style, with or without sleeves.
a person or thing that sweats.
an employer who underpays and overworks employees.
of, for, or pertaining to a sweater:
sweater yarn; sweater fashions.
made like a sweater:
a sweater dress.

a garment made of knitted or crocheted material covering the upper part of the body, esp a heavy one worn for warmth
(as modifier): a sweater dress

a person or thing that sweats
an employer who overworks and underpays his employees


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  • Sweatercoat

    noun 1. a coat knitted like a bulky sweater.

  • Sweater-girl

    noun 1. a young woman with a shapely bosom, especially one who wears tight sweaters. sweater girl noun 1. (slang, rare) a young woman or girl with large breasts who wears tight sweaters sweat bullets

  • Sweater vest

    noun a sleeveless knitted garment worn as a buttoned or pullover vest Examples Sweater vests were big in the 1970s. Word Origin 1903

  • Sweat-gland

    noun, Anatomy. 1. one of the minute, coiled, tubular glands of the skin that secrete sweat. noun 1. any of the coiled tubular subcutaneous glands that secrete sweat by means of a duct that opens on to the skin sweat gland n. Any of the small, tubular glands that are found nearly everywhere in the […]

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