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Sweet fern

a North American shrub, Comptonia (or Myrica) asplenifolia, having scented fernlike leaves and heads of brownish flowers: family Myricaceae


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    noun 1. a plant, Acorus calamus, of the arum family, having long, sword-shaped leaves and a pungent, aromatic rootstock. noun 1. an aroid marsh plant, Acorus calamus, having swordlike leaves, small greenish flowers, and aromatic roots Also called calamus

  • Sweet-grass

    noun 1. any of several fragrant plants, as manna grass or the sweet flag. noun 1. an aromatic grass (Hierochloe odorata), traditionally used in Native American rituals 2. See flote grass

  • Sweet-gum

    noun 1. a tall, aromatic tree, Liquidambar styraciflua, of the eastern U.S., having star-shaped leaves and fruits in rounded, burlike clusters. 2. the hard reddish-brown wood of this tree, used for making furniture. 3. the amber balsam exuded by this tree, used in the manufacture of perfumes and medicines. noun 1. a North American liquidambar […]

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