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to cause to move to and fro, sway, or oscillate, as something suspended from above:
to swing one’s arms in walking.
to cause to move in alternate directions or in either direction around a fixed point, on an axis, or on a line of support, as a door on hinges.
to move (the hand or something held) with an oscillating or rotary movement:
to swing one’s fists; to swing a club around one’s head.
Aeronautics. to pull or turn (a propeller) by hand, especially in order to start the engine.
to turn in a new direction in a curve, as if around a central point:
to swing the car into the driveway.
to suspend so as to hang freely, as a hammock or a door.
Informal. to influence or win over; manage or arrange as desired:
to swing votes; to swing a business deal.
to direct, change, or shift (one’s interest, opinion, support, etc.).
to turn (a ship or aircraft) to various headings in order to check compass deviation.
to move or sway to and fro, as a pendulum or other suspended object.
to move to and fro in a swing, as for recreation.
to move in alternate directions or in either direction around a point, an axis, or a line of support, as a gate on its hinges.
to move in a curve, as around a corner or central point:
The highway swings to the east.
to move with a free, swaying motion, as soldiers on the march.
to be suspended so as to hang freely, as a bell or hammock.
to move by grasping a support with the hands and drawing up the arms or using the momentum of the swaying body:
a monkey swinging through trees.
to change or shift one’s attention, interest, opinion, condition, etc.:
He swung from mere indifference to outright scorn.
to hit at someone or something, with the hand or something grasped in the hand:
The batter swung and struck out.

to be characterized by a modern, lively atmosphere:
Las Vegas swings all year.
to be stylish, trendy, hip, etc., especially in pursuing enjoyment.
to engage uninhibitedly in sexual activity.
(of married couples) to exchange partners for sexual activity.

Informal. to suffer death by hanging:
He’ll swing for the crime.
the act, manner, or progression of swinging; movement in alternate directions or in a particular direction.
the amount or extent of such movement:
to correct the swing of a pendulum.
a curving movement or course.
a moving of the body with a free, swaying motion, as in walking.
a blow or stroke with the hand or an object grasped in the hands:
His swing drove the ball over the fence.
a change or shift in attitude, opinion, behavior, etc.
a steady, marked rhythm or movement, as of verse or music.
a regular upward or downward movement in the price of a commodity or of a security, or in any business activity.

a work period coming between the regular day and night shifts.
a change by a group of workers from working one shift to working another.

freedom of action:
to have free swing in carrying out a project.
active operation; progression:
to get into the swing of things.
something that is swung or that swings.
a seat suspended from above by means of a loop of rope or between ropes or rods, on which one may sit and swing to and fro for recreation.
the maximum diameter of the work machinable in a certain lathe or other machine tool.
of or relating to a swing.
capable of determining the outcome, as of an election; deciding:
the swing vote.
designed or constructed to permit swinging or hanging.
acting to relieve other workers when needed, as at night.
in full swing, operating at the highest speed or level of activity; in full operation:
Automobile production is in full swing.
swing round the circle, to tour an area on a political campaign.
take a swing at, to strike or attempt to strike with the fist:
to take a swing at a rude waiter.
Also called Big Band music, swing music. a style of jazz, popular especially in the 1930s and often arranged for a large dance band, marked by a smoother beat and more flowing phrasing than Dixieland and having less complex harmonies and rhythms than modern jazz.
the rhythmic element that excites dancers and listeners to move in time to jazz music.
of, relating to, or characteristic of swing:
a swing record.
to play (music) in the style of swing.
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verb swings, swinging, swung
to move or cause to move rhythmically to and fro, as a free-hanging object; sway
(intransitive) to move, walk, etc, with a relaxed and swaying motion
to pivot or cause to pivot, as on a hinge
to move or cause to move in a curve: the car swung around the bend
to move or cause to move by suspending or being suspended
to hang or be hung so as to be able to turn freely
(intransitive) (slang) to be hanged: he’ll swing for it
to alter or cause to alter habits, a course, etc
(transitive) (informal) to influence or manipulate successfully: I hope he can swing the deal
(transitive) foll by up. to raise or hoist, esp in a sweeping motion
(intransitive) often foll by at. to hit out or strike (at), esp with a sweeping motion
(transitive) to wave (a weapon, etc) in a sweeping motion; flourish
to arrange or play (music) with the rhythmically flexible and compulsive quality associated with jazz
(intransitive) (of popular music, esp jazz, or of the musicians who play it) to have this quality
(slang) to be lively and modern
(intransitive) (slang) to swap sexual partners in a group, esp habitually
(intransitive) (cricket) to bowl (a ball) with swing or (of a ball) to move with a swing
to turn (a ship or aircraft) in order to test compass error
(slang) swing both ways, to enjoy sexual partners of both sexes
(informal) swing the lead, to malinger or make up excuses
the act or manner of swinging or the distance covered while swinging: a wide swing
a sweeping stroke or blow
(boxing) a wide punch from the side similar to but longer than a hook
(cricket) the lateral movement of a bowled ball through the air
any free-swaying motion
any curving movement; sweep
something that swings or is swung, esp a suspended seat on which a person may sit and swing back and forth

a kind of popular dance music influenced by jazz, usually played by big bands and originating in the 1930s
(as modifier): swing music

See swingbeat
(prosody) a steady distinct rhythm or cadence in prose or verse
(informal) the normal round or pace: get into the swing of things

a fluctuation, as in some business activity, voting pattern etc
(as modifier) able to bring about a swing in a voting pattern: swing party
(as modifier) having a mixed voting history, and thus becoming a target for political election campaigners: a swing state

(US, informal) free scope; freedom of activity
(mainly US) a circular tour
(Canadian) a tour of a particular area or region
(Canadian) (in the North) a train of freight sleighs or canoes
go with a swing, to go well; be successful
in full swing, at the height of activity
swings and roundabouts, equal advantages and disadvantages

Java’s graphical user interface (GUI) package that provides a large collection of widgets (buttons, labels, lists etc.) that behave similarly on different platforms. Swing features “pluggable look & feel”, allowing the program to look like a Windows, Motif or Macintosh) application. It is implemented using the {Model View Controller (MVC) architecture and makes extensive use of nested “containers” to control the handling of events such as keystrokes.
In addition to the idiom beginning with


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