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  • Switchable

    noun 1. a slender, flexible shoot, rod, etc., used especially in whipping or disciplining. 2. an act of whipping or beating with or as with such an object; a stroke, lash, or whisking movement. 3. a slender growing shoot, as of a plant. 4. a hairpiece consisting of a bunch or tress of long hair […]

  • Switchback

    noun 1. a highway, as in a mountainous area, having many hairpin curves. 2. Railroads. a zigzag track arrangement for climbing a steep grade. 3. British. roller coaster. verb (used without object) 4. (of a road, railroad track, etc.) to progress through a series of hairpin curves; zigzag: The road switchbacks up the mountain. noun […]

  • Switchblade

    noun 1. a pocketknife, the blade of which is held by a spring and can be released suddenly, as by pressing a button. noun 1. (US & Canadian) a knife with a retractable blade that springs out when a button is pressed

  • Switchboard

    noun, Electricity. 1. a structural unit on which are mounted switches and instruments necessary to complete telephone circuits manually. 2. Also called lightboard. a panel of switches, dimmers, etc., for controlling the lighting on a stage or in an auditorium. noun 1. an installation in a telephone exchange, office, hotel, etc, at which the interconnection […]

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