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the act or process of changing from one power source, system, etc., to another.
an act or an instance of changing from one job, belief, style, etc., to another.
the act or an instance of changing from one method, policy, or technology to another: the switchover to digital television


Read Also:

  • Switch-plate

    or switchplate noun 1. a plate, usually of metal, ceramic, or plastic, covering a switch so that the knob or toggle protrudes.

  • Switch-plug

    noun 1. a plug, as for an electric iron, equipped with an on-off switch.

  • Switch selling

    noun 1. a system of selling, now illegal in Britain, whereby potential customers are attracted by a special offer on some goods but the salesman’s real aim is to sell other more expensive goods instead

  • Switchyard

    noun 1. a railroad yard in which rolling stock is distributed or made up into trains.

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