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noun, Scot. and North England.


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  • Syktyvkar

    noun 1. the capital of the Komi Autonomous Republic in the NW Russian Federation in Europe. Komi Autonomous Republic [koh-mee] /ˈkoʊ mi/ noun 1. an autonomous republic in the NW Russian Federation in Europe. 145,221 sq. mi. (376,122 sq. km). Capital: Syktyvkar. noun 1. a city in NW Russia, capital of the Komi Republic: timber […]

  • Syl-

    1. variant of syn- before l: syllepsis.

  • Sylacauga

    noun 1. a city in central Alabama.

  • Syli

    noun 1. an aluminum coin and monetary unit of Guinea, equal to 100 cauris: replaced the franc in 1972.

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