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noun, Sociology.
a theory that human interaction and communication is facilitated by words, gestures, and other symbols that have acquired conventionalized meanings.


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  • Symbolic-language

    noun 1. a specialized language dependent upon the use of symbols for communication and created for the purpose of achieving greater exactitude, as in symbolic logic or mathematics.

  • Symbolic link

    file format (SYLK) A Microsoft file format for spreadsheets, (not to be confused with symbolic link). SYLK format existed in one form or another in as early as 1987, and was part of Excel v1.0. It is is an outgrowth of VisiCalc DIF file format. SYLK format is ascii text and represents information about both […]

  • Symbolic-logic

    noun 1. a modern development of formal logic employing a special notation or symbolism capable of manipulation in accordance with precise rules. symbolic logic noun 1. another term for formal logic

  • Symbolic mathematical laboratory

    tool, mathematics An on-line system under CTSS for symbolic mathematics. It used a display screen and a light pen. [Sammet 1969, p.514]. (1995-04-16)

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