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Sympathetic imbalance

sympathetic imbalance n.
See vagotonia.


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  • Sympathetic-ink

    noun 1. a fluid for producing writing that is invisible until brought out by heat, chemicals, etc.; invisible ink. sympathetic ink noun 1. another term for invisible ink

  • Sympathetic-introspection

    noun, Sociology. 1. a study of human conduct in which the investigator imagines himself or herself engaged in that conduct.

  • Sympathetic-magic

    noun 1. magic predicated on the belief that one thing or event can affect another at a distance as a consequence of a sympathetic connection between them. sympathetic magic noun 1. a type of magic in which it is sought to produce a large-scale effect, often at a distance, by performing some small-scale ceremony resembling […]

  • Sympathetic nerve

    sympathetic nerve n. One of the nerves of the sympathetic nervous system.

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