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symphalangism sym·phal·an·gism (sĭm-fāl’ən-jĭz’əm)

See syndactyly.

Ankylosis of the finger or toe joints.


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  • Symphile

    noun 1. an insect or other organism that lives in the nests of social insects, esp ants and termites, and is fed and reared by the inmates Compare synoekete

  • Symphonette

    noun 1. a small symphony orchestra that usually specializes in playing short, familiar classical works or salon music.

  • Symphonia

    noun 1. any of various medieval musical instruments, as the hurdy-gurdy.

  • Symphonic

    adjective 1. Music. of, for, pertaining to, or having the character of a symphony or symphony orchestra. 2. of or relating to symphony or harmony of sounds. 3. characterized by similarity of sound, as words.

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