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Symptom complex

symptom complex n.
A group of symptoms that occur together and are characteristic of a certain disease, disorder, or condition.


Read Also:

  • Symptom formation

    symptom formation n. The process of developing a physical or behavioral substitute for an unconscious impulse or a conflict that causes anxiety, such as avoiding crowds. Also called symptom substitution.

  • Symptomize

    verb (used with object), symptomized, symptomizing. 1. to be a symptom or sign of.

  • Symptomless

    adjective 1. having or showing no symptoms.

  • Symptosis

    noun, Pathology. 1. local or general atrophy. 2. wasting away; emaciation. symptosis symp·to·sis (sĭm-tō’sĭs, sĭmp-) n. A localized or general wasting of the body.

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