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noun, Physiology.
the small gap, measured in nanometers, between an axon terminal and any of the cell membranes in the immediate vicinity.

synaptic cleft n.
See synaptic gap.


Read Also:

  • Synaptic conduction

    synaptic conduction n. The conduction of a nerve impulse across a synapse.

  • Synaptic gap

    synaptic gap n. The minute space between the cell membrane of an axon terminal and of the target cell with which it synapses. Also called synaptic cleft.

  • Synaptic vesicle

    synaptic vesicle n. Any of several small, intracellular, membrane-bound vesicles at a synaptic junction of neurons that contain the neurotransmitter.

  • Synaptinemal complex

    synaptinemal complex syn·ap·ti·ne·mal complex (sĭ-nāp’tə-nē’məl) n. A submicroscopic structure interposed between the homologous chromosome pairs during synapsis.

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