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Synchronous dram

Synchronous Dynamic Random Access Memory


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  • Synchronous idle

    character (SYN) The mnemonic for ASCII character 22. [Why?] (1996-06-28)

  • Synchronous key encryption

    algorithm, cryptography Data encryption using two interlocking keys where enything encoded using one key may be decoded using the other key. This means if someone makes one of the two keys publicly available (as in public-key encryption) and keeps the other private, then anyone may send them a message or data that only they can […]

  • Synchronously

    adjective 1. occurring at the same time; coinciding in time; contemporaneous; simultaneous. 2. going on at the same rate and exactly together; recurring together. 3. Physics, Electricity. having the same frequency and zero phase difference. 4. Computers, Telecommunications. of, relating to, or operating using fixed-time intervals controlled by a clock (opposed to asynchronous). 5. Aerospace. […]

  • Synchronous-meteorological-satellite

    noun 1. former name of Geostationary Operational Environmental Satellite. Abbreviation: SMS.

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