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syndesmitis syn·des·mi·tis (sĭn’děz-mī’tĭs, -děs-)
Inflammation of a ligament.


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  • Synorchidism

    synorchidism syn·or·chi·dism (sĭn-ôr’kĭ-dĭz’əm) or syn·or·chism (sĭn-ôr’kĭz’əm) n. Congenital fusion of the testes in the abdominal cavity.

  • Synoscheos

    synoscheos syn·os·che·os (sĭn-ŏs’kē-ŏs’) n. Partial or complete adhesion of the penis and scrotum.

  • Synosteosis

    noun, plural synosteoses [si-nos-tee-oh-seez] /sɪˌnɒs tiˈoʊ siz/ (Show IPA). Anatomy. 1. synostosis.

  • Synostoses

    noun, plural synostoses [sin-o-stoh-seez] /ˌsɪn ɒˈstoʊ siz/ (Show IPA). Anatomy. 1. union of separate bones into a single bone. synostosis syn·os·to·sis (sĭn’ŏ-stō’sĭs) n. pl. syn·os·to·ses (-sēz) Fusion of normally separate bones. Also called bony ankylosis, true ankylosis. syn’os·tot’ic (-tŏt’ĭk) adj.

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