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syndesmotomy syn·des·mot·o·my (sĭn’děz-mŏt’ə-mē, -děs-)
Surgical division of a ligament.


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  • Syndetic

    adjective 1. serving to unite or connect; connective; copulative. 2. Grammar. conjunctive (def 3c). connected by a conjunction. adjective 1. denoting a grammatical construction in which two clauses are connected by a conjunction Compare asyndetic (sense 2)

  • Syndeton

    noun 1. (grammar) a syndetic construction Compare asyndeton (sense 2)

  • Syndic

    noun 1. a person chosen to represent and transact business for a corporation, as a university. 2. a civil magistrate having different powers in different countries. noun 1. (Brit) a business agent of some universities or other bodies 2. (in several countries) a government administrator or magistrate with varying powers

  • Syndical

    adjective 1. of or relating to a union of persons engaged in a particular trade. 2. of or relating to syndicalism.

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