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working together; cooperative.
another word for synergistic

synergetic syn·er·get·ic (sĭn’ər-jět’ĭk)


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  • Synergid

    noun, Botany. 1. one of two small cells that lie inside the embryo sac of a flowering plant and nourish the ovum. synergid (sĭ-nûr’jĭd, sĭn’ər-) One of two small, short-lived nuclei lying near the egg in the mature embryo sac of a flowering plant. The synergids are part of the egg apparatus and are thought […]

  • Synergism

    noun 1. synergy (def 1). 2. Biochemistry, Pharmacology. the joint action of agents, as drugs, that when taken together increase each other’s effectiveness (contrasted with antagonism). 3. Theology. the doctrine that the human will cooperates with the Holy Ghost in the work of regeneration. Compare monergism. noun 1. Also called synergy. the working together of […]

  • Synergist

    noun 1. Physiology, Medicine/Medical. a body organ, medicine, etc., that cooperates with another or others to produce or enhance an effect. 2. Chemistry, Pharmacology. any admixture to a substance for increasing the effectiveness of one or more of its properties. 3. Theology. a person who holds the doctrine of synergism. noun 1. a drug, muscle, […]

  • Synergistic

    adjective 1. pertaining to, characteristic of, or resembling synergy: a synergistic effect. 2. Chemistry, Pharmacology, Physiology. acting as a synergist; producing synergism; interacting. 3. Theology. of or relating to theological synergism or synergists. adjective 1. acting together 2. (of people, groups, or companies) working together in a creative, innovative, and productive manner synergistic syn·er·gis·tic (sĭn’ər-jĭs’tĭk) […]

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