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the philosophy of Herbert Spencer, intended as a synthesis of all the sciences.


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  • Synthetic phonics

    noun 1. (functioning as sing) a method of teaching people to read by training them to pronounce sounds associated with particular letters in isolation and then blend them together Compare phonics (sense 2)

  • Synthetic polymers

    synthetic polymers [(pol-uh-muhrz)] Industrially produced chemical substances consisting of a number of molecules linked together with covalent bonds. Examples include plastics, synthetic fibers such as synthetic rubber.

  • Synthetic resin

    noun 1. See resin (sense 2)

  • Synthetic-rubber

    noun 1. any of several substances similar to natural rubber in properties and uses, produced by the polymerization of an unsaturated hydrocarbon, as butylene or isoprene, or by the copolymerization of such hydrocarbons with styrene, butadiene, or the like. synthetic rubber noun 1. any of various synthetic materials, similar to natural rubber, made by polymerizing […]

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