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syphilo- or syphil- or syphili-
Syphilis; syphilitic: syphilid.


Read Also:

  • Syphilology

    noun 1. the branch of medicine concerned with the study and treatment of syphilis

  • Syphiloma

    noun (pl) -mas, -mata (-mətə) 1. (pathol) a tumour or gumma caused by infection with syphilis syphiloma syph·i·lo·ma (sĭf’ə-lō’mə) n. pl. syph·i·lo·mas or syph·i·lo·ma·ta (-mə-tə) See gumma.

  • Syphilophobia

    noun a fear of contracting syphilis Word Origin syphilo- ‘syphilis’

  • Syphon

    noun, verb (used with or without object) 1. siphon. noun 1. a tube or conduit bent into legs of unequal length, for use in drawing a liquid from one container into another on a lower level by placing the shorter leg into the container above and the longer leg into the one below, the liquid […]

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