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syringobulbia sy·rin·go·bul·bi·a (sə-rĭng’gō-bŭl’bē-ə)
The abnormal presence of a fluid-filled cavity in the brainstem, analogous to syringomyelia.


Read Also:

  • Syringocarcinoma

    syringocarcinoma sy·rin·go·car·ci·no·ma (sə-rĭng’gō-kär’sə-nō’mə) n. A malignant epithelial tumor that has undergone cystic change.

  • Syringocystadenoma

    syringocystadenoma sy·rin·go·cyst·ad·e·no·ma (sə-rĭng’gō-sĭ-stād’n-ō’mə) n. A benign cystic tumor of the sweat glands.

  • Syringocystoma

    syringocystoma sy·rin·go·cys·to·ma (sə-rĭng’gō-sĭ-stō’mə) n. See hidrocystoma.

  • Syringoma

    syringoma syr·in·go·ma (sĭr’ĭng-gō’mə) n. A benign, often multiple, tumor of the sweat glands composed of very small round cysts.

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