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noun, plural syringes
[suh-rin-jeez] /səˈrɪn dʒiz/ (Show IPA), syrinxes.
Ornithology. the vocal organ of birds, situated at or near the bifurcation of the trachea into the bronchi.
(initial capital letter) Classical Mythology. a mountain nymph of Arcadia who was transformed, in order to protect her chastity from Pan, into the reed from which Pan then made the panpipe.
a panpipe.
a narrow corridor in an ancient Egyptian tomb.
noun (pl) syringes (sɪˈrɪndʒiːz), syrinxes
the vocal organ of a bird, which is situated in the lower part of the trachea
(in classical Greek music) a panpipe or set of panpipes
(anatomy) another name for the Eustachian tube
(Greek myth) a nymph who was changed into a reed to save her from the amorous pursuit of Pan. From this reed Pan then fashioned his musical pipes

syrinx syr·inx (sēr’ĭngks)
n. pl. syr·inx·es or sy·rin·ges (sə-rĭn’jēz, -rĭng’gēz)
A pathological tube-shaped cavity in the brain or spinal cord.


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