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System product interpreter

Restructured EXtended eXecutor


Read Also:

  • System-programming

    or systems program noun, Computers. 1. a program, as an operating system, compiler, or utility program, that controls some aspect of the operation of a computer (opposed to application program).

  • System programming language

    Ousterhout’s dichotomy

  • System r

    database A database system built as a research project at IBM San Jose Research (now IBM Almaden Research Center) in the 1970s. System R introduced the SQL language and also demonstrated that a relational system database could provide good transaction processing performance. (http://mcjones.org/System_R/). (1998-09-29)

  • Systems administrators guild

    body, job (SAGE) A special technical group of the USENIX Association. (http://usenix.org/sage). [Details?] (2001-01-27)

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