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verb (used with object), systemized, systemizing.


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  • Systemized

    verb (used with object), systemized, systemizing. 1. systematize.

  • System management

    job Activities performed by a system manager, aiming to minimise the use of excessive, redundant resources to address the overlapping requirements of performance balancing, network management, reducing outages, system maintenance costs, diagnosis and repair, and migration to new hardware and software system versions. Compare: system administration. (1995-11-10)

  • System management bus

    hardware, protocol (SMBus, SMB) A simple two-wire bus used for communication with low-bandwidth devices on a motherboard, especially power related chips such as a laptop’s rechargeable battery subsystem (see Smart Battery Data). Other devices might include temperature sensors and lid switches. A device can provide manufacturer information, indicate its model/part number, save its state for […]

  • System management mode

    hardware (SMM) A reduced power consumption state provided by some Intel microprocessors. When a CPU enters SMM it saves its current state in a special area of static RAM called SMRAM (System Management RAM) and then runs a program, also stored in SMRAM, the SMM handler. SMM is implemented in all Intel “SL” suffixed CPUs. […]

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