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Systems application architecture

(SAA) IBM’s family of standard interfaces which enable software to be written independently of hardware and operating system.


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  • Systems development life cycle

    programming (SDLC) Any logical process used by a systems analyst to develop an information system, including requirements, validation, training, and user ownership. An SDLC should result in a high quality system that meets or exceeds customer expectations, within time and cost estimates, works effectively and efficiently in the current and planned Information Technology infrastructure, and […]

  • Systems disk

    noun 1. a disk used to store computer programs, esp the basic operating programs of a computer

  • Systems-engineer

    noun 1. an engineer who specializes in the implementation of production systems.

  • Systems network architecture

    networking (SNA) IBM’s proprietary high level networking protocol standard, used by IBM and IBM compatible mainframes. Also referred to as “Blue Glue”, SNA is a bletcherous protocol once widely favoured at commercial shops. The official IBM definition is “that which binds blue boxes together.” It may be relevant that Blue Glue is also a 3M […]

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