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George, 1897–1970, U.S. pianist and conductor, born in Hungary.
George. 1897–1970, US conductor, born in Hungary


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    noun 1. Joseph, 1892–1973, U.S. violinist, born in Hungary.

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    noun 1. Leo, 1898–1964, U.S. physicist, born in Hungary. noun 1. Leo. 1898–1964, US physicist, born in Hungary, who originated the idea of a self-sustaining nuclear chain reaction (1934). He worked on the atomic bomb during World War II but later pressed for the international control of nuclear weapons Szilard (zĭl’ərd) Hungarian-born American physicist who […]

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    noun 1. Henrietta, 1860–1945, U.S. Zionist: founded Hadassah in 1912.

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