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noun, Building Trades.
a rolled metal bar or beam with a cross section resembling a T .
a T-shaped wrench for use with a socket
a metal bar having a T-shaped cross section
a T-shaped bar on a ski tow which skiers hold on to while being pulled up slopes
(modifier) another term for T-strap


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  • T-bar lift

    noun 1. a ski lift having an upside-down T -shaped bar against which two skiers may lean while being pulled uphill.

  • Tbc

    abbreviation 1. to be confirmed TBC 1. thermal barrier coating 2. to be confirmed 3. to be continued

  • Tbcf

    TBCF The Breast Cancer Fund

  • TBD

    1. to be determined. TBD 1. to be defined 2. to be delivered 3. to be designed 4. to be determined 5. to be developed 6. to be documented

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