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Trans-Europe Express.
a pipe fitting in the form of a letter T, used to join three pipes
a metal section with a cross section in the form of a letter T, such as a rolled-steel joist
any part or component shaped like a T
Also called teeing ground. an area, often slightly elevated, from which the first stroke of a hole is made
a support for a golf ball, usually a small wooden or plastic peg, used when teeing off or in long grass, etc
verb tees, teeing, teed
when intr, often foll by up. to position (the ball) ready for striking, on or as if on a tee
a mark used as a target in certain games such as curling and quoits
transesophageal echocardiography


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    noun 1. Golf. Also called teeing ground. the starting place, usually a hard mound of earth, at the beginning of play for each hole. a small wooden, plastic, metal, or rubber peg from which the ball is driven, as in teeing off. 2. Football. a device on which the ball may be placed to raise […]

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    interjection, noun, verb (used without object), tee-heed, tee-heeing. 1. te-hee. interjection 1. an exclamation of laughter, esp when mocking noun 2. a chuckle verb -hees, -heeing, -heed 3. (intransitive) to snigger or laugh, esp derisively

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