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wasting away; becoming emaciated or consumed.
progressively emaciating; wasting away
of, relating to, or having tabes


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  • Tabes-dorsalis

    [dawr-sal-is, -sey-lis] /dɔrˈsæl ɪs, -ˈseɪ lɪs/ noun, Pathology. 1. syphilis of the spinal cord and its appendages, characterized by shooting pains and other sensory disturbances, and, in the later stages, by paralysis. tabes dorsalis /dɔːˈsɑːlɪs/ noun 1. a form of late syphilis that attacks the spinal cord causing degeneration of the nerve fibres, pains in […]

  • Tabes mesenterica

    tabes mesenterica tabes mes·en·ter·i·ca (měz’ěn-těr’ĭ-kə, měs’-) n. Tuberculosis of the mesenteric and retroperitoneal lymph nodes.

  • Tabetic

    adjective 1. Also, tabid [tab-id] /ˈtæb ɪd/ (Show IPA). pertaining to or affected with tabes. noun 2. a person affected with tabes.

  • Tabetiform

    tabetiform ta·bet·i·form (tə-bět’ə-fôrm’) adj. Resembling tabes.

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